Seekonk High School

The Seekonk High School classroom has a 205-day program that offers a structured learning environment within the inclusionary setting of a public high school.  It is the goal of this program to transition students from alternative programs back to their home school district.    This classroom provides comprehensive educational services to students with social emotional and learning disorders in grades 9-12.   The Seekonk High School classroom has an average enrollment of 5 students and students are supported with 2:5 staff-to-student ratio.

The primary goals of the Seekonk High School classroom are to promote student self-regulation and to allow students to achieve as close to the general education setting as possible.  The academic program provides differentiated instruction through the use of general education inclusion as well as therapeutic/academic support within a self-contained environment, as needed by individual students.  All students participate in general education inclusion classes with their peers.  Students attend general education classes with the support of the SCEC staff who attend each inclusion class with students, to provide academic and social emotional support, while following all IEP goals, objectives, and accommodations.   Both inclusion classes and SCEC program classes are aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  This inclusive approach aligns closely with the SCEC objective of improving academic achievement of students in the least restrictive environment.  Seekonk High School students also participate in school-wide activities together with their peers, including bullying prevention programming, high school preparation assemblies, after school clubs, and school dances.  All students have the opportunity to join the Unified Sports Program at Seekonk High School. This program is sponsored through the Special Olympics and both Basketball and Track and Field are offered to SCEC students at Seekonk High School.

Program Snapshot

45-Day Placements

Grades 9-12
Inclusionary Setting
205 day school year
Average class size:  5 students
Average staff-to-student ratio:   2:5
Number of classrooms:  1

Seekonk High School
261 Arcade Avenue
Seekonk, MA 02771

Evan Salvo
Teacher Leader
(508) 889-1123