Palmer River Elementary

The two Palmer River Elementary classrooms have a 220-day program that offers a structured learning environment within the inclusionary setting of a public elementary school. These classrooms provide comprehensive educational services to children in Kindergarten through grade five who demonstrate developmental delays and a variety of disabilities and whose adaptive behavior challenges, cognitive challenges, communication deficits, emotional and behavioral challenges, developmental delays and/or medical needs preclude them from successful participation in their home school setting at this time. These classrooms have an average enrollment of 6 students and a 1:2 staff-to-student ratio.

The mission of the Palmer River Elementary program is to offer focused specialized instruction and services to our students, including all therapies. The Palmer River Elementary classrooms have high standards for academics that are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Common Core Curriculum. The curriculum is modified, adapted and/or used as a developmental framework to ensure students are participating in standards-based learning.

All families are invited to participate in the program’s family consult model. The mission of the family consult model is to support parents/caregivers by providing continuity of care and services between school, home and community environments. Family consult is coordinated by a social worker and is led by a clinical psychologist in consultation with a developmental pediatrician and any other professionals working with the student or family. This global approach to learning supports family stability, regulation and social connectedness, thereby providing the student with a solid foundation for performance and success.

Program Snapshot

45-Day Placements

Grades K-5

Palmer River Elementary School
326 Winthrop Street
Rehoboth, MA 02769

2017-18 School Calendar

Donna Cranshaw-Gabriel, EdS
Special Education Administrator
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