Early Childhood

The Early Childhood classroom is an inclusionary 215-day program designed to facilitate the continued development of children ages three to six years who demonstrate developmental delays and a variety of disabilities.  The primary goal of the Early Childhood Program is to maximize each child’s potential in the areas of self-regulation, social interaction, communication, activities of daily living, readiness skills, and overall independence to facilitate a smooth transition back to their sending school district or to an appropriate elementary setting.  The classroom provides a structured environment and a high staff to student ratio designed to promote communication, self-regulation, and independence within classroom routines as needed prior to participating in less restrictive settings.  This classroom has an average enrollment of 6 students.

The Early Childhood classroom incorporates research-based best practices into the classroom curriculum, including routines-based interventions, visual structure and support, and language-based learning across all aspects of a student’s school day. The curriculum in the Early Childhood classroom is aligned with the Guidelines for Preschool Experiences published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as the more recent Common Core mandates articulated through the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Pre-Kindergarten in both math and English language arts.  

The Early Childhood Program provides a strong focus on families and the unique challenges related to transitioning from an early intervention model of service to an educational setting, as well as supportive transitions from early childhood to elementary programming.  Home-school collaboration is supported through home visits from teaching staff, as well as family get-togethers in our classrooms.  Our educators and families work with a social worker who provides support, guidance for available services within the community, and group parent education and socialization opportunities throughout the school year.

Program Snapshot

45-Day Placements

Grades PK-K
Inclusionary setting
215 day school year
Average class size: 6 students
Average staff-to-student ratio: 1:2
Number of classrooms: 1

2017-18 School Calendar

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Donna Cranshaw-Gabriel, EdS
Special Education Administrator
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