Related Services

The Related Services division addresses the mission and purpose of South Coast Educational Collaborative (SCEC) by providing comprehensive therapeutic services to children ages 3 through 22 who are students in SCEC programs and/or local school districts. The Related Services division works with approximately 1,000 students from throughout southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island each school year. All Related Services are provided as outlined in the students’ IEPs and are designed to support students within the least-restrictive educational setting. Our therapists work closely with the student’s educational team and family to provide integrated services that support the student’s individual development and academic growth. Therapy services provided by the Related Services division include:

Speech-Language Therapy addresses the student’s receptive and expressive language, social pragmatics, and speech production skills to increase overall functional communication skills. Augmentative and alternative communication supports and intervention are provided for students with complex communication needs.

Occupational Therapy addresses the student’s ability to participate in functional, educationally relevant activities, including sensory processing, fine motor skills, visual motor control, visual perception, activities of daily living, and/or adaptive skills that may impact classroom performance and educational progress.

Physical Therapy addresses the student’s physical ability to effectively access the educational curriculum and to move safely and efficiently throughout the school environment. Functional mobility, muscle and joint function, strength, endurance, posture, balance, gross motor development, and use of adaptive equipment are addressed.

Adapted Physical Education addresses the student’s loco-motor skills, object control skills, fitness, and lifetime recreational skills, as well as the student’s ability to follow directions, interact with peers and participate in a large group setting.

Educational Services for the Visually Impaired:  A licensed Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) determines what and how a visually impaired student sees in the school setting, and will use this information to determine necessary adaptations and modifications for the education of that student.

Orientation and Mobility:  An Orientation and Mobility teacher works with visually impaired students to help them learn to travel safely and independently in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.  Body awareness and sensory skills are addressed as well as overall travel skills.  One Orientation and Mobility specialist provided student services during the report period.

Assistive Technology specialists address a student’s need for Assistive Technology to facilitate access to the curriculum and increase independence.  Supports may include hardware, software, adaptive equipment, low-tech supports, and/or recommendations for staff training or curriculum modification.

Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of systematically applying evidence-based best practices in education to effect meaningful improvement in socially significant behaviors while demonstrating that the interventions employed are responsible for those improvements in behavior.

Linda K. Cullen, MEd, MS, CCC-SLP
Teacher Leader for Related Services

Bethany A. DeNardo, PT, DPT, MPH
Teacher Leader for Related Services

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