Seekonk North Elementary School

The Seekonk North Elementary School is an approved public special education day school that provides comprehensive educational services to children in grades kindergarten through five.  This classroom serves a population of students with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, moderate to severe cognitive impairments, sensory processing and communication impairments, neuromotor deficits and/or medical and psychiatric needs. Some students have social-emotional diagnoses as well as cognitive impairment. These classrooms have an average enrollment of 10 students, and students are provided with a 1:2 staff-to-student ratio.  It is our mission to offer students cutting edge services that are based on brain-based researched best practices by engaging students in meaningful instruction aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and supported by adapted curriculum materials. The desired outcome of instruction is increased potential in the areas of self-regulation, social skills development, communication and cognitive development with the ultimate goal of placement in a less restrictive school setting.  All educators receive rich professional development in the form of scheduled release days for professional learning, embedded professional development, regular staff meetings, focused teacher meetings, and routine consultation from outside expert consultants.

Program Snapshot

45-Day Placements

Grades K-5
Public Day School

2017-18 School Calendar

The North School
2 North Street
Seekonk, MA 02771

Carolyn McKearney, EdD
Special Education Administrator
(508) 399-7801