Related Services for SCEC classrooms

Related Service providers are active members of the SCEC educational teams supporting initiatives at the Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School levels. They provide individual and group therapy, consultative support, evaluation services and integration opportunities customized to meet the individual needs of each SCEC student. Related Service providers are embedded in SCEC programs and are actively involved in all program initiatives. They participate in program planning and support, which includes: team meetings, curriculum development, transition planning, and integration supports. Related Service providers support the team in meeting student-specific needs by suggesting environmental modifications and providing specialized training. By working closely with educational teams, Related Service providers ensure that therapy goals and objectives are addressed by all members of the team and integrated throughout the school day. These sustainability efforts by the Related Service providers ensure that SCEC educational teams are able to address student’s therapeutic needs throughout the school day, thus optimizing student performance.

For more information, please contact the Teacher Leaders of Related Services:
Linda K. Cullen, MEd, MS, CCC-SLP
Teacher Leader for Related Services

Bethany A. DeNardo, PT, DPT, MPH
Teacher Leader for Related Services