Berkley Middle School

The two Berkley Middle School classrooms offer a structured learning environment for students in grades 6-8 within the inclusionary setting of a public middle school.  These classrooms serve a population of students with moderate to severe developmental delays and/or behavioral issues that interfere with their success in a regular education setting.  The students’ needs frequently arise from diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, neuromotor deficits, communication impairments, medical needs, and/or social emotional challenges.  The program offers a comprehensive academic curriculum, pre-vocational component, and related services necessary for a successful transition to a less restrictive and/or high school setting.  

The curriculum emphasizes STEAM activities.  STEAM is an educational philosophy at SCEC that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in an interdisciplinary manner to engage students in real world issues and to guide students in developing skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  Our mission is to provide a middle school experience that focuses on the functional academics and transition skills necessary for success in today’s society.  Educators incorporate research-based best practices with supports provided by continual professional development, technical assistance, and a network of expert consultants.   These classrooms have an average enrollment of 6 students, a 1:2 staff-to-student ratio, and a 220-day school year.

Program Snapshot

45-Day Placements

Grades 6-8
Inclusionary Setting
220 day school year
Average class size: 6 students
Average staff-to-student ratio: 1:2
Number of classrooms: 2

2017 - 18 School Calendar

Berkley Middle School
21 North Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779

Frank Gallishaw, Jr, EdS
Special Education Administrator
(508) 922-1401